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Information and Links on Elon Musk's or "Falcon Landing's LLC" Jets

FAA Registration Database of Aircraft registered under "Falcon Landing LLC"

Original Jet N628TS A Gulfstream 650ER, appears to be used more by Elon.

New Jet N272BG A Gulfstream 550, appears to be used by other SpaceX & Tesla employees.

I have written a program to notify about these planes and others.

I'm looking for devlopers if your intrested to this project. I'd like to add a web end to this. Join https://JacksTech.net/Discord if intrested. Code found at: https://github.com/Jxck-S/plane-notify

N628TS is @ElonJet on Twitter and N272BG is @SpaceXJet on Twitter, links can be found further down.

The bot takes action on landing and take off and states the location, state, country, and city. Also creates an image of a map of that location and attaches to the tweet. Also calculates and estimated flight time from takeoff to landing and puts the flight time in the landing tweet.

The nearest airport is found using Haversine formula between a database of airports and their coordinates, the airport is appended to the image.

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Please consider donating I spend a good amount of time runing, keeping up and developing new features for these Twitter accounts!

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N628TS 2020 Flight Log

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